4-Hands Therapy is a unique and exquisite form of bodywork. Two practitioners treat you at the same time. 'Deeply relaxing', 'nurturing' and 'profoundly therapeutic' are some of the words used to describe this experience.

4-hands, one plus two is the power of three.

4-hands, one plus two is the power of three.

Lilly Harris has been collaborating with other practitioners in this '4-Hands' setting for over 10 years. During the running of Shiatsu retreats and courses, due to odd numbers groups of three naturally happens. This is when the bliss of 4-hands began to emerge for her. Lilly has explored the 4-hands concept within Shiatsu, Reiki, CranioSacral Therapy and Reflexology. She continues to blend therapy with other modalities with very satisfying outcomes for clients. 



Since 2017, Lilly and her peers have blended CranioSacral Therapy and Reflexology as a 4-Hands Therapy, referring to it as CranioReflex. As you arrive for your treatment, you are welcomed into our cosy therapy space, and while one practitioner will listen to your health needs, the other is preparing a herbal tea of your choice. When we are all ready, it is your turn to lie face up on the comfy therapy table and your feet will be wrapped with warm towels and a balm or oil may be used. As you begin to receive Reflexology for your feet, the other practitioner will assess your Central Nervous System to find out where the most prevailing tension or pain patterns need touch. Your CranioSacral System will then receive light touch by way of the upper and under surface of your body along your spinal cord, neck and around your head. Your job is to rest and receive.

CranioReflex is available on Fridays or by phone request.


     — 'I loved the experience, I loved the different energy, stronger and more dynamic with the two of you. I felt it gave my whole being a bit of a lift.' - Elke, business owner, www.elkerudolph.com.au

     — 'CranioReflex is sublime, a very powerful experience.' - Sue.

     — 'It feels 3D, deeper.' - Andrea.

     — 'I feel so light and free.' - Anna.

     — "Deeply relaxing.' - Bonnie.

     — 'CranioReflex is awesome. Utterly float-away relaxing, stopped some back aches and just felt wonderful! Very blissful! Would recommend it to anyone interested!' - Tiz.



Lilly Harris, CranioSacral level 4.
Tiziana Hill, Diploma of Reflexology.
Christine Toyama, Certificate in CranioFacial and Reflexology.

Call Lilly to book CranioReflex 4-Hands Therapy.

0403 249 737