Bowen Therapy


Bowen Therapy is an important complimentary body therapy that facilitates healing of the whole body. Through its effect on soft tissue and fascia, it brings about lasting and profound results. The experience of Bowen is typically gentle, subtle and relaxing, and it is these features that make Bowen Therapy so unique.
Tom Bowen (1916 – 1982) developed the original technique in Geelong, Australia, and it is now practised all over the world. Tom realised that the underlying source of many health problems could be found in the fascia of the body and that fascial dysfunction is often the cause of many health problems.
Fascia envelopes nerves, organs, muscles, bones, arteries and veins. Through specific soft tissue and fascial release techniques, Bowen enables the body to self correct fascial dysfunction and restore homeostasis on a holistic level. This release is achieved by short gentle rolling moves over muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves. These can be done through a layer of clothing or on the skin. The ultimate result is a fast and lasting relief from pain, discomfort and stress, and a return to balance and harmony may be experienced. The response can be surprising and is often felt immediately, with most clients experiencing long term or permanent resolution. Results can occur after the first session, although allowing up to four sessions enables the best benefit.

neuroStructural integration (NST)

There have been many developments of Bowen Therapy over the last 20 years; NeuroStructural Integration Technique (NST, developed between 1991-1995 by Michael Nixon Livey who took Bowen therapy to a new level of effective treatment for ‘hard’ cases); Bowen Dynamics (a new level of healing achievements, through treatment of the nerves); Hormonal Bowen (developed by Trevor Rose in Australia, yet another advance on Bowen in that it specialises in any hormonal problem or imbalance and can be incorporated into a Bowen treatment) and Emmett Therapy (developed by Ross Emmett in early 2000).

emmett THerapy

Emmett Therapy is a nerve/energy treatment developed by Ross Emmett (Bowen Teacher). It uses switches and holding points to effect immediate gentle physical releases in the surrounding muscle tissue. This restores musculoskeletal function thus easing pain and discomfort. It is a technique that can be a stand alone treatment or it can be integrated into a Bowen treatment, which in turn will enhance the overall effect. Ross Emmett developed his course during the 2000’s and has more recently taken his therapy all over the world.


Christine Toyama, Diplomas of Bowen NST Therapy, Certificates in Hormonal Bowen and Nerve Dynamics, Emmett Therapy (EP5).

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