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Christina qualified as a Naturopath and Herbalist in early 2018 with the Australian Institute of Applied Science (AIAS). Prior to that, she has worked as a health coach, teaching families a number of the ‘hands-on’ skills needed for learning the art of fermentation and traditional food preparation. She is also qualified as a certified GAPS Practitioner and life coach.  She is passionate about bringing the many stands of wellbeing together, to help clients achieve their health goals.  Christina is also a mother of 7 children, and understands the challenges that parents face, trying to maintain the health of a growing family.  She enjoys working with clients at all stages of life- from preconception to the end of life, and everything that comes between! Most recently she has been training in the DISC model.
Christina is a member of Complimentary Medicine Association (CMA).

Christina is available every Wednesday.

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