Face and feet

skin therapy and reflexology


A 4-Hands therapy at Body Stillness that is completely unique in Tasmania.

Imagine lying back and having your feet pampered while you receive a magical facial unlike any other you’ve experienced. Tiziana and a peer will combine a therapeutic skin treatment and feet reflexology at the same time to leave you feeling relaxed, grounded and looking great.


After an initial assessment of your needs, your therapist will prepare your tailored skin preparations. These include exfoliants, active serums and masks designed exclusively for you from raw, fresh and natural ingredients sourced from local producers – a true farm to face experience.
Meanwhile Tiziana will start your reflexology treatment with an indulgent foot bath complete with bath salts and rose petals.
Face and Feet is an utterly indulgent experience that is deeply grounding, highly uplifting and has definite therapeutic benefits.

Allow: 1 hour, 10 mins

Special Body Stillness price: $180 (normally $230)


Tiziana Hill, Diploma of Reflexology (completed) and Remedial Massage.
Skin therapist TBA.

FACE and FEET available on Saturdays strictly by appointment.

Email or call to book today!


0403 249 737