Naturopathy, Nutrition and Health coaching


with Christine Toyama

Christine's approach to Naturopathy encompasses a wide range of natural health services that assist in improving an individual's wellness, including: Homeopathy; Flower Essences; Herbal Medicine; natural fertility management; hormonal balancing, stress and weight management; allergy assessment and desensitisation; nutrition and health coaching. Other modalities unique to the Naturopath may be incorporated into a consultation.
Christine follows the principle, 'You are what you eat'. Good nutrition will lead to a healthy and happy lifestyle whilst inadequate nutrition will ultimately lead to disease. There is a multitude of information regarding nutrition in the media, and it is often based on promoting the sales of specific foods. You will be surprised to know what foods are proven to be good for your health.

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The life system

with Christine Toyama

The LIFE System (Living Information Forms Energy) is leading edge technology in the realm of Quantum Physics. It's a gentle and non-invasive technological tool used to achieve energetic harmony and wellness in the body. Relating to the quantity and quality of energies in the body, energetic deficiencies or excesses that create blockages in energy flow may be detected and balanced. Many of the esoteric arts are based on this principle.
The LIFE System uses information provided by the body itself to restore energetic balance to the body. It is a computer-based biofeedback system that systematically and accurately tests and measures energy blockages and imbalances in an individual in order to restore health, balance and harmony on physical, emotional and spiritual levels by stimulating the body’s own healing powers. 
If energetic imbalances are corrected, this assists the body to restore wellness. The speed of measurement of this system and the scope of the stimuli tested could not be matched by the efforts of a human being. It is in the realm of Vibrational Healing.