NeuroMuscular Balancing (NMB Bowen Therapy)

Using a combination of Bowen Therapy, Myopractic Bowen, Acupressure and Sports Massage Techniques, NeuroMuscular Balancing assists a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders and can also promote healing of many imbalances of the body’s internal systems.

The following are just a few of the disorders that have responded well to NMB:


— Fibromyalgia
— Shoulder, arm, hip and leg injuries
— Fatigue
— Nervous stress
— Digestive Disorders
— Menstural disorders
— Postural imbalances
— Back and neck pain
— Carpal tunnel syndrome (wrist/forearm)
— Asthma
— Growing pains
— Chronic Fatigue

The majority of our aches and pains stem from distorted posture arising from dysfunctional body parts, and that in turn forces the body to make a lot of ill-fated adjustments which exacerbates the problem. Over time this can lead to constant pain which may fail to respond to conventional treatment or medicine. NMB can be used on the tough, big and strong as well as safe and gentle for use on newborn babies, the frail and elderly. No extreme force is used, so any pain is minimised. Instead you will feel the practitioner’s fingers and thumbs moving muscles and other soft tissue back into their correct state. You may feel a release taking place immediately, however the full effect of the treatment may take a few days before the corrections have stabilised.

One or two follow-up treatments are usually all that’s needed to stabilise the initial corrections.

The average treatment takes approximately 20-40 minutes although the first treatment may take longer because of the need for a thorough assessment of your condition.


Maryanne Brown, Dip Bowen Therapy, Dip. NMB.

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