SHIATSU therapy

Shiatsu Therapy is a Japanese body therapy given to a FULLY CLOTHED client. Pronounced “she-at-sue”, it translates as ‘finger pressure’. Gentle through to strong pressure is given to all parts of the body. It is a hands-on therapy with its philosophy drawing on Japanese, Chinese and Indian traditional medicine. Whilst Shiatsu follows a lot of the same principles that are used in Acupuncture, Shiatsu is very nurturing, relaxing and comfortable and can be received on a low table, futon or in a chair.

Shiatsu acupressure to balance your body.

Shiatsu acupressure to balance your body.

Techniques are designed to harmonise the 'ki' or 'chi' flow of the body. Acupressure with thumbs, hands and arms are applied to 'tsubo' points and 'meridian' pathways across the surface of the body. Stretches and mobilisation to body parts can also be part of a treatment. This ancient tradition is used to encourage health changes in all body systems; occurring from surface through to the depth of the bones.

In your first appointment, your therapist will listen and ask questions about your health history. This can be a detailed discussion that begins the journey to more balanced health. This discussion is then followed by a full-body hands-on treatment. 


Shiatsu Therapy is beneficial for: 
— Lower back pain
— Stress
— Headaches
— Trauma
— Pregnancy
— Emotions
— Insomnia
— Hormones
— Digestion
— Energetic balance

The effects and results of Shiatsu can feel subtle and yet profound. Results vary from overnight revelations to simply noticing after a few days that you just feel 'right' again, or a long-lost 'lightness' might return.


Lilly Harris, Diploma of Shiatsu Therapy (no rebate).
Jane Pollard, Diploma of Shiatsu Therapy, (Shiatsu instructor; no rebate).

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